LAP dancing clubs and sex shops will not be allowed to open in residential areas in Bolton, under strict new rules.

Councillors approved the council’s new sex establishment policy, which looks to limit the number of sexual entertainment venues that can open in the town.

Under the guidelines pole dancing clubs, strip shows and sex cinemas will not be allowed to open near schools, houses, parks, tourist attractions, religious buildings or any existing entertainment venues.

Cllr Nick Peel, pictured, the member in charge of licensing, said in reality it means new applicants looking to open a sexual entertainment venue in Bolton will find it very difficult.

He said: “The criteria doesn’t really leave much left in terms of areas.

“We have not been overrun with sex applications — it just doesn’t happen — but the government said we had to have a policy.

“Existing establishments will probably be okay with the new rules, as this is not retrospective and they will continue to apply for the licences every year in the usual way.”

There is currently one sex entertainment venue in the town centre — Diamonds, which is a lap dancing club — and two sex shops.