A SPEEDING driver was clocked travelling at 85mph in a 30mph zone outside a school.

Other motorists were caught driving at 103mph in a 50mph zone and travelling at speeds of up to 109mph on the M61 motorway.

The Bolton News obtained the figures from Greater Manchester Police using the Freedom of Information Act.

We asked the police to reveal the top speed recorded by speed cameras anywhere in Bolton in each of the past five years.

In 2009, a driver was clocked travelling at 85mph in a 30mph zone outside Bolton School in Chorley New Road.

Since 2000 two people have died following crashes near the junction.

In 2010, a motorist was snapped driving at 92mph in a 50mph in St Peter’s Way near Raikes Lane and, in 2011, another driver travelling in the same location topped that — reaching a speed of 103mph.

The worst offender of 2012 drove at the same spot at 89mph while the top speed last year was when a police car parked on a bridge at Kearsley roundabout snapped one reckless motorist going 109mph on the southbound M61 last year.

Driving experts have dubbed the figures “shocking” as they also revealed five drivers were caught going at least 39mph over the speed limit.


Hugh German, of Bolton and District Advanced Motorists, said: “These figures are shocking. These people are putting their lives at risk, and the lives of others.

“What these figures do not tell us is what time of day the offences took place, what the weather was like, how busy it was or whether they got caught.

“But when you look at these speeds, I would argue all five drivers deserved a road ban.”

Last July two “racing” drivers sped at up to 80mph in St Helens Road, Daubhill, before they crashed and left a 12-year-old boy with “life-changing” injuries.

The crash, not included in the figures, left 11 people injured in total.

Mohammed Patel, aged 20, and Furqaan Mohmed, aged 21, both admitted two counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Patel also admitted perverting the course of justice, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance.

He was jailed three years and 10 months in a young offenders institution, while Mohmed was jailed for two years and eight months.

Both drivers were banned from driving for four years.

Young victim Raheem Hussain suffered a serious brain injury and doctors initially feared they would have to amputate his right leg after the accident.

The 12-year-old had to be kept in a medically-induced coma for three weeks and could only be discharged from hospital two months after the crash.

In Bury in the past five years, four of the five most serious speeding incidents happened on the same 30mph stretch of Bolton Road in the early hours.

In 2011, the camera snapped a motorist travelling at 91mph and, in 2012, the same camera caught a vehicle moving at 71mph.

Last year, the camera recorded a vehicle travelling at 75mph.

In 2010, a car was snapped moving at 84mph.in another 30mpg zone in Ainsworth Road, Bury.

Mr German said: “Our driver advanced driving courses guarantee cheaper insurance rates to those who pass.

“We encourage people to drive responsibly and confidently, to observe the road and to make the right decisions.”

The next course will be held on April 30 at Lostock Parish Centre in Tempest Road, Lostock. Call 0161 797 1084 or visit boltoniam.org.uk for details.

A police spokesman said: “Over the past 18 months, three new nationally developed and accredited driver education courses have also been offered to motorists as an alternative to prosecution for some driving offences.

“We hope the courses will achieve a long-term change in driver behaviour and subsequent reduction in road casualties. ”