A CLASS act — that is Jack Peers who at the age of 77 is still going back to his old school.

Kearsley West Primary School governor Mr Peers has never really left the school he attended in 1941 — and continues to be one of its biggest supporters.

And the school has recognised his dedication by unveiling a plaque in his honour.

Mr Peers, who lives across the road from the school and has been a governor for 15 years, said: “It was a big surprise. I did not know about it at all. I was at a governors meeting, and afterwards, I was asked to stay behind.

“It is always nice to be recognised, I never expected it.

“This has always been a good school and everything it does is always about the children.”

Mr Peers started at the school in 1941, leaving at the age of 15 in 1952 — but he still returned to play football and table tennis.

When his son Andrew, now aged 55, started at the school, his wife Brenda, who has since died, encouraged him to join the Parents Teachers Association.

Then 15 years ago he was encouraged to become a school governor. He regularly visits the school and helps out whenever he can.

Mr Peers said: “More and more is expected of governors nationally, and it can be hard work, but I really enjoy it.

“I go to the assemblies and visit school during the week.

“The technology used in schools has changed a lot and there is a lot more paperwork.”

Headteacher Lesley Cooper said: “The governing body wanted to recognise the dedication and long-term support that Jack has offered the school. He has been involved with Kearsley West for more than 70 years.

“Jack visits the school at least twice weekly to work with our youngest children in the nursery and to attend our school assembly.

“He can always be found on the front row at any of our events or digging away in the early years garden.

“The children have a strong relationship with him as he lives on the street and greets them most days on their way to and from school. He has a real passion for Kearsley West and has worked tirelessly for the school.

“He is a motivating force and deserves to be recognised for his outstanding contribution to the development of the school over such a long period.”