FIVE people caught by council officers littering or dropping cigarettes have been fined.

The defendants were all brought before Bolton Magistrates Court after failing to pay fixed penalty notices.

Andrew Morris, prosecuting on behalf of Bolton Council, said Ivetta Gazova, of Great Holme, Great Lever, was given advice by a council employee after a black bin bag was found outside her home.

The 41-year-old was given a leaflet advising about the risk of rodents if rubbish was left outside not in a bin.

But shortly after, on September 19, 2013, officers found another bin bag outside her home, despite her bin not being completely full.

Adam Mohamed, aged 26, of Bradford Street, The Haulgh, was seen littering in Victoria Square, Bolton town centre, in October last year.

Mr Morris said: “A council officer was on patrol, saw the defendant toss the cigarette end on the floor and make no attempt to pick it up.

“He then placed a drinks can on the ground and made no attempt to pick it up.”

Kavan Molloy, aged 23, of Wyresdale Road, Heaton, was spotted dropping a cigarette butt in Newport Street on October 10 last year.

He was also challenged by Clive Haslam, a council employee, and fined.

Kelly Steen, aged 33, of Carfield Avenue, Little Hulton, was seen throwing a cigarette butt on the floor on November 27 last year in Market Street.

Gregory McGuinness, aged 22, of Hulmes Terrace, Ainsworth, was also seen to leave a cigarette end on the floor in Old Hall Lane, Heaton, on October 17 last year.

They were all sentenced in their absence yesterday.

Anne Carolyn Jepps, chairman of the bench, ordered all of the defendants, who admitted dropping litter, to pay a £100 fine, £200 court costs and a £20 victim surcharge — a total of £3,200.

Cllr John Byrne, Bolton Council’s cabinet member for Community and Neighbourhood Services, said: “We take the issue of littering in Bolton very seriously and aim to reduce littering through both good quality education and robust enforcement.

“While a cigarette butt may seem small, clearing up litter costs the council more than £2.8 million a year.”