A STREET — revamped just 12 months ago at a cost of £24,000 — is already in need of repair.

Sections of block paving in Market Street, Westhoughton, relaid as part of a six-week project last year, have started to come loose at the junction of Marsden Street and outside Westhoughton Town Hall.

A town councillor has criticised the decision to use block paving originally, labelling it “short-termism” and the “cheap” option.

Bolton Council insists block paving is an “acceptable” engineering tool for sites such as Market Street but conceded signs of deterioration were present.

Meanwhile Cllr David Chadwick, borough councillor for Westhoughton South, said no road surface is “fool-proof” and it would be inappropriate to comment on block paving until the severity of the repairs needed is known.

Cllr David Wilkinson, for Hoskers and Hart Common, said: “A lot of time and effort was spent last year and they have ended up with something that has lasted a few months. It has fallen apart.

“Last year we had the problem of impact on businesses in the town centre and we could get that all again now.”

Bolton Council said block paving was used to blend in with the area but admitted it did keep costs down.

A council spokesman said: “We will be investigating what has happened to establish what work will need to be carried out and when this can be programmed in.”

Speed humps were relaid and block paving replaced in March and April last year, work which led to road closures during the day. The project was funded by Bolton Council’s regeneration fund.

Cllr David Chadwick, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “I have not got any issue with block paving.

“I think it is more aesthetically pleasing than asphalt. One of the things we don’t want is to have something that detracts from the character of our main street.

“Until we know how significant the problem is, it is wrong to speculate what should be done now.”