THE Bolton-born former culture editor of Channel 4 News says a “really camp” character in a TV comedy show is based on him.

Matt Cain, who was culture editor from 2010 to 2013, spoke out about the BBC series W1A at the launch, in London, of his new book, Shot Through The Heart.

Matt believes David Wilkes, played by Rufus Jones, is based on him because when the pair were at university Jones would impersonate him.

The creators of the Twenty Twelve spin-off are tight-lipped.

Matt said: “The character is really camp, really gay and he’s got a northern accent.

"Rufus used to be a friend of mine at university, and he did impressions of me, and, as I was watching it, I thought, well, I know he’s doing that impression of me again.

"So I texted him while it was on, and he replied, ‘Sorry, busted’.”