A MISSING woman whose husband was found collapsed unconcious in a house fire has been found safe and well.

Gulabben Nagin Patel, aged 60, had been missing from her semi-detached home in Wigan Road, Deane, since the early hours of Monday morning.

A fire started at the house just hours after she was last seen and her 62-year-old husband, Nagin Patel, was pulled out of the home by firefighters, who found him unconscious on the bathroom floor at 2.10pm.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed this morning that Mrs Patel had been found safe and well.

A police spokesman said: "She was found near the house this morning, walking next to Haslam Park, by a member of the public who recognised her from the police appeal and contacted the police.

"She has been taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital to be checked over."

After being rescued from the fire on Monday, Nagin Patel was taken to the same Hospital, suffering from smoke inhalation, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Nagin Patel had arrived home from work to find his house on fire and and rushed in to search for his wife, according to neighbours.

Neighbours told The Bolton News that Mrs Patel had only returned from a five-month trip to India two weeks ago and she has been seen twice in her garden since then.

Hanif Choban, who lives next door to the couple, said Mr Patel started work in a factory at 6am each morning and he pulled up to the house in his car at 1.30pm on Monday.

Mr Choban said he must have seen the smoke and gone into the house to look for his wife.

It is understood the couple’s son, who lives in London, travelled to Bolton to visit his father in hospital yesterday.

Speaking about the fire, Mr Choban said: “I saw him reverse into his drive and he went inside.

“He must have noticed the smoke and gone inside to save her. It is a mystery, everyone round here is curious to know what has happened.

“I’ve had relatives of theirs ringing to see if I know anything but I don’t. They are really good neighbours.”