IT is not often that schools ask inspectors to visit — but that is exactly what proud pupils at Bishop Bridgeman CE Primary School did.

And they were delighted when one of the top bosses at Ofsted accepted.

Student ambassadors 10-year-olds Sanaa Hafeji and Aaminah Riaz and 11-year-olds Iqra Saqi and Aleezah Ahmed wrote to Sir Michael Wilshaw, Chief Inspector of Schools at Ofsted, asking him to visit “the best school in the country”.

In the letter, the four girls spoke about how pupils were achieving good results in their SATS and about their “amazing teachers”.

Michael Cladingbowl, Ofsted’s National Director for Schools, spent a day at the school in Great Lever to find out more, saying he could not receive such a “charming and persuasive letter”.

During his visit, he described the school as model for others in England to follow.

He said: “Visiting schools is the best part of my job and coming to primary schools like this, where children are proud of their school for the right reasons.

“I have two children in primary schools and I would be happy for them to attend this school.

“The young people I have met at the school are fantastic, they are ambitious for themselves, they are enthusiastic, passionate.

“They feel they can do anything and have that self-belief.”

He said that visits like this influenced his role in drawing up future school inspection frameworks Mr Cladingbowl said that Ofsted inspections were to ensure schools were performing well.

Aaminah said: “I would like him to see the teachers and how they teach.”

Aleezah added: “This school is like a family, and it is a multicultural school.”

Sanaa said: “When we sent the letter, we really hoped that he would come to see the school.”

Iqra added: “We are very proud of our school and wanted him to see how good it is.”

Headteacher Jill Pilling said: “It was a privilege and absolute pleasure to have Mr Cladingbowl at the school and particularly for the children — they came to me asking if they could write to someone important to visit the school.

“I always say I run the school for them — but it is their school.”