A FATHER and son who grew and sold cannabis have avoided an immediate prison sentence.

Jason Dare set up a cannabis farm in the loft of his home in Junction Road, Deane, whilst his son sold the drug to his amateur footballing pals.

Rachel White, prosecuting, told the court how police raided the Dare family home on October 24 and found a sophisticated cannabis growing set up in the loft, together with seven mature plants and 24 saplings.

In 23-year-old Daniel’s bedroom they also discovered materials used to package and distribute the drug.

Bolton Crown Court heard that Daniel Dare had been supplying and smoking cannabis with friends at his amateur football club since 2011 and in March 2013 his father, 42-year-old Jason Dare, bought equipment on the internet in order to grow a supply for his own use.

Miss White said the seven mature plants found could have yielded up to £4,725 of the drug whilst the saplings could eventually have been worth up to £10,000.

Jason Dare pleaded guilty to producing cannabis and Daniel Dare admitted supplying cannabis.

Paul Tonge, defending said Daniel Dare have developed a “penchant” for taking cannabis and had formed a sort of co-operative with 15 to 20 of his friends in order to share the drug.

He added that both father and son have abstained from using the drug since their arrest.

Mr Tonge added: “The entire episode has had a salutary effect upon the Dare family.”

Judge Peter Davis told the pair that, contrary to the beliefs of some people, cannabis is not harmless and can lead to serious mental illness.

He said: “Some pop stars think it is ok — it isn’t. It is a very dangerous drug.”

Jason Dare was sentenced to nine months in prison and his son received a 12 month sentence, with both jail terms suspended for two years.

They were each also ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work.