TWO long-lost relatives have been reunited after nearly 75 years — thanks to The Bolton News.

Muriel Davies, aged 91, and Jean Thomasson, aged 81, found each other through a mutual relation with a lollipop man featured in The Bolton News’ Looking Back section.

Ms Davies, of Great Lever, had sent in the picture of her father-in-law, George, helping schoolchildren across a road and Ms Thomasson instantly recognised him as her uncle.

The pair were shocked to discover their connection and decided to meet outside The Bolton News office and go for a coffee so they could catch up on the missing years.

Ms Thomasson, from Horwich, said: “When I first saw Muriel’s age in the paper I wasn’t sure if she would be in a care home or something like that.

“I hope this will be the first of many meets. I don’t think there are any other members of the family left from our generation.”

She explained that she had done a lot of research on their family tree since her retirement and would be able to tell all to Ms Smith, who does not know much about her relatives.

Neither can remember the exact date of their only other encounter, but they know it was at least 60 years ago and Ms Smith is eager to find out what has happened since then.

Ms Thomasson added: “It’s catch-up time for me with what has gone on with the family.

“I have never been able to research what happened to my relatives.”