SCIENCE-mad brothers Craig and Jason Rose have proved that a bit of sibling rivalry can be a very good thing after becoming the nation's two highest-scoring students in an online quiz.

The 15-year-old twins from Leigh are gearing up to sit their Biology GCSE a year early at Bedford High School — and they have been studying hard and recently started using a state-of-the-art new learning tool called Tassomai.

The program gives students the opportunity to test their knowledge of a chosen subject through round after round of quick-fire questions.

The online resource can be used in the classroom and at home, using tablet computers.

Bedford High School Science teacher Peter Sugden said: “We're always looking for new and effective ways to help our students maximise their learning potential so this software was really appealing.

“It helps identify where the student's strengths and weaknesses lie and then tailors a learning program specifically for them.”

In the few weeks since the twins started using Tassomai they've answered well over 1,000 questions each all about Biology.

This week Craig, the elder twin by 10 minutes, became the first student in the country to get 100 per cent on the program.

But just hours later his brother matched him, becoming the second student to achieve the top mark.

Mr Sugden said: “The boys have a natural aptitude for learning but using this software has really helped them excel.

“They are now showing standards of achievement that rival anyone in the country and it will really stand them in good stead for their exams in June.”

“It's a brilliant program because we can dip in and out of it whenever we want to,” said Craig.

“We took about four quizzes each a night when we got home from school. It took about 10 minutes a night but it's really given us a boost.”

Jason added: “It's great to be the first two in the country to achieve the highest level but ultimately if it helps us to get good grades in our GCSEs then that will be the real prize.”

Bedford High School head teacher Helen Phillips said: “We're really proud of Craig and Jason's achievement. With the support of their teacher they have shown the dedication to put extra time into their studies and it's clearly paying off for them.

“As technology advances the nature of learning will continue to change. At Bedford we believe in harnessing the best that new technology has to offer to enhance the learning experience for all our students.”