GEORGE Osborne was offered a slice of Bolton culture when he was asked if he would like to share Champak Fakira’s pie.

The Chancellor was leaving the J Greeley butchers when the 57-year-old introduced himself, shook Mr Osborne’s hand and promptly offered to share his freshly bought meat and potato pie with him.

The Tatton MP politely decline, adding: “Thank you but I am going to be eating a bit later.”

Mr Fakira, who is from Hindley Green and works in Lostock, said: “It was excellent to see Mr Osborne in Horwich.

“I’m not a politician and I know there are pros and cons for all of them but it was very nice to meet him.

“I’m not offended that he didn’t want any of my pie, I am off to eat it now.”

In 2012 the chancellor announced he would be introducing VAT at 20 per cent on hot takeaway food, such as pasties, pies and sausage rolls.

The change, which was dubbed the “pasty tax”, was supposed to simplify the tax on hot takeaway food but it caused an uproar and Mr Osborne introduced a partial u-turn in the plans.

Hot food that is cooling down rather than being kept hot in a special cabinet, is not liable for VAT.

Mr Osborne had previously confessed at a Treasury select committee that he “couldn’t remember” the last time he had bought a pasty from Greggs.