POLICE officers are holding a week of action in the Rumworth ward.

Police community support officers (PCSOs) and staff from Bolton Council have been gauging residents’ views in the area — which includes Deane and Daubhill — to see what people would like to see improved in their areas and for people to raise crime concerns.

Addresses have been selected at random by police. Questions included people’s experiences of crime in the area, how often they see police in the area and whether they thought police would act on any concerns.

Information will be collated and feedback given to the officers to help them meet the needs of the residents.

A 72-year-old woman, of Bankfield Street, Deane, said: “I was born in my house. I don’t have any problems with crime in the area.

“I think it is important for police to ask people their opinions of the crime in the area.”

She said she felt safe walking around the area during the day but would not go out in the early morning or at night alone.

Another resident, who lives in Alice Street, Deane, raised concerns about off-road bikes and said she had previously had problems with noisy neighbours who have since left the area.

Council staff have been speaking to residents in the past few days to see if people have concerns about fly-tipping and other issues in the ward.

Work will carry on for the rest of the week and will involve police working hand-in-hand with Bolton Council’s trading standards and environmental services.