MAGISTRATES should be told about “excuses” previously used by speeding drivers when considering new charges against them, according to a Bolton MP.

Julie Hilling, MP for Bolton West, is taking her campaign to get dangerous drivers off the road up a gear.

She is calling on the government to take tougher action on drivers who are still on the road, despite accumulating 12 points or more on their licence.

In January The Bolton News reported how a Bolton woman was still on the road despite clocking up 27 points on her driving licence — making her one of the worst drivers in the country.

Ms Hilling has tabled amendments to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill and if her changes are approved, it would make it compulsory for magistrates who sentence driving offenders to know how many points drivers already have on their licence.

She is also calling for a change in the law to make sure that magistrates learn of any “exceptional circumstance” pleas have been previously used.

These pleas can often allow drivers, who should ordinarily be banned, to keep their licence.

She said: “I find it quite unbelievable that people are still driving around legally when then have totted up as many as 47 points for driving offences, when the normal level for disqualification is 12.

“While I am pleased that the government has now agreed to undertake a review of driving offences, this too little and unfortunately in some cases too late.

“More needs to be done and more can be done to help get this right and by accepting my amendments we would be heading in the right direction.”