AN aspiring politician is hoping to shore up the Liberal Democrats’ place in the Bolton Town Hall council chamber at tomorrow’s local elections.

If elected in Smithills, Cambridge University law graduate Andrew Martin will be one of the youngest Bolton councillors at the age of 22, replacing Liberal colleague Anthony Radlett, who is stepping down.

While Smithills is traditionally a LibDem heartland, support for the party across Bolton has dwindled in recent years, with the total number of councillors in the chamber falling from 21 in 2004 to just three over the past two years.

The candidate, from Heaton, faces competition at this year’s hustings from Kevin Morris, of Labour, Christine Flanagan of Conservatives, Aaron Hepworth of UKIP and Richard Middleshaw of the Green Party.

But Mr Martin said he is confident Smithills residents will see beyond the national political landscape at the polls.

He added: “I’d say a lot of people know that whatever is going on nationally, and whatever press the Liberal Democrats are getting, they appreciate that we are here all year around, talking to them.

“So whatever happens in Westminster, we want to do our best for the local area.

“The main issue that people want us to deal with is the condition of the roads, and road safety. If elected, I want to see more money go towards road resurfacing and increasing the safety in the roads, particularly in residential areas where it’s near a school.”

The local elections take place tomorrow, with polling stations open from 7am until 10pm.