UKIP and Labour will each send three MEPs to represent the north west in the European Parliament, in an evening that saw the Liberal Democrats and BNP wiped out.

Campaigners gathered in Manchester Town Hall to see Labour candidates Theresa Griffin, Afzal Khan and Julie Ward named as the party's advocates in Europe, after they topped the polls in Bolton and the north west.

UKIP also celebrated after Paul Nuttall, Louise Bours and Steven Woolfe were also elected, while the Conservatives returned their two sitting candidates Jacqueline Foster and Sajjad Karim.

Liberal Democrat Chris Davies, who was not present at the count, lost his seat after his party were kicked into fifth place in the region behind the Conservatives and Greens.

Protestors also gathered to see Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, lose his European parliamentary seat - although he vowed the party would be back.

BOLTON: European election results

  • An Independence From Europe: 1124
  • British National Party: 1534
  • Conservatives: 13696
  • English Democrats: 826
  • Green Party: 3486
  • Labour: 25608
  • Liberal Democrats: 2290
  • NO2EU: 186
  • Socialist Equality Party: 134
  • Pirate Party: 289
  • UKIP: 22983

NORTH WEST: European election results:

  • An Independence from Europe: 26731
  • British National Party: 32826
  • Conservatives: 351985
  • English Democrats: 19522
  • Green Party: 123075
  • Labour: 594063
  • Liberal Democrats: 105487
  • NO2EU: 5402
  • Socialist Equality Party: 5067
  • Pirate Party: 8597
  • UKIP: 481932

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