IF YOU have travelled through Bolton train station in the past few months, you will have probably noticed a fair few daffodil symbols.

Badges, posters, signs — even ‘Daff trains’ that were painted by artists — sprang up around the station as part of the Great Daffodil Appeal at the start of the year.

It was run by Northern Rail, which runs Bolton Station and many others in Northern England, to promote Marie Cure Cancer Care.

The charity sells daffodil badges to provide funds to support the amazing work of its staff and volunteers, who provide care for people with terminal illnesses and want to spend their final days at home with loved ones.

It was brilliant to see so many Northern Rail staff and customers donning the badges and even better to hear that the campaign raised £15,000.

Some of the staff even went to work wearing bright yellow hats to bring smiles to passengers’ faces.

The train firm was wary that some customers would not have time to stop to buy a badge, so the posters provided people with the option of donating money via text message.

Marie Curie’s corporate development manager Peter Lee said: “Northern Rail’s support throughout the appeal has been truly fantastic.

“The energy and enthusiasm of staff has raised a fantastic total that will help our nurses and hospices to give free hands-on care to terminally-ill people and vital support to families.”

I could not agree more. Train companies get a lot of flak — sometimes warranted, sometimes not — but it is wonderful Northern Rail has gone above and beyond for a great cause.