IT is a hole any hobbit would be proud to call home.

And this enchanting take on The Shire belongs to two very lucky little people, brother and sister Noah and Sunni Wotherspoon, who can now dream up exciting adventures in their back garden.

It was created by their dad Oliver, owner of Bolton-based Cool Canvas which develops natural play areas for children.

The 32-year-old lives with his wife Tasmin, aged 35, and their two youngsters in Newbrook Road, Over Hulton.

He said: “I wanted to create something magic for the children where they could create memories with their friends as well as having a family area, and where Tasmin and I could go and chill with a glass of wine.

“I grew up on a farm where we had lots of land, but now I am in a sensible house, there is not that land available.

“I was watching Lord of the Rings and there was a scene in the Shire where a party was being held. I wanted to create an environment like that for my kids.”

As the idea was forming in his head, he emailed the Channel 4 programme Amazing Spaces, presented by architect George Clarke.

Mr Wotherspoon said: “I hadn’t even drawn up the design at that stage, but we were having the house extended and thought the time to do it was now.

“I emailed the programme and within two days they were at the house wanting to know more about the project.”

Work on the garden house started in December and although it took just 14 days to bring to life, it was only finished in April because wet weather continually delayed the work.

Every family member had a say in the design, with Mrs Wotherspoon and three-year-old Sunni deciding on the interior, while six-year-old Noah wanted a rope swing.

Mr Wotherspoon, who graduated from Loughborough University and has created inventive fun areas in schools and nurseries across Bolton, said: “I work in schools on a daily basis and talk with children on ideas, looking at what they want, and then creating the environment.

"I have taken the cream of all that and created it in my back garden.”

Noah said: “I really like it, I go outside lots and lots and play on the rope swing, which was my idea and my sister prefers the rope swing more – and my mum and dad really like it too.

“It was really exciting being filmed for the programme.”

The hobbit hole can be seen tonight on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 at 8pm.