A PENSIONER — dragged to the floor in a terrifying robbery on her doorstep — has said the attack has left her too frightened to collect her pension alone.

Jane Campbell, aged 79, is fearful thugs will follow her when she leaves her home — but has vowed the incident will not “keep a good girl down”.

Horrific footage of Mrs Campbell being knocked to the floor by a robber outside her home in Deane on May 14 has been released by police hunting for the attacker.

Mrs Campbell spotted two men, one at a bus stop and the other in the road, in Willows Lane as she walked home from the chemist’s at about 11.45am.

Officers believe these were the robbers and that they followed Mrs Campbell home.

Mrs Campbell said: “The one that jumped on me from behind I heard shouting to someone on the other side of the road in a foreign language.

“It has knocked my confidence for going out. I would be frightened to get my pension on my own as people might just follow me out.

“Unfortunately my partner is ill but I have managed to visit my sister, who lives four doors down, most nights.

“But I will be okay, they can’t keep a good girl down.”

The attack left Mrs Campbell badly bruised, with cuts to her face, a broken finger, a chipped tooth and a smashed pair of glasses.

A paramedic managed to take her wedding ring off in the ambulance but other rings had to be cut off in hospital as her fingers had become too swollen.

Mrs Campbell, who turns 80 in November and has no children, said the robbers ended up stealing nothing as a man chased them.

She added: “I don’t know who he was, but he found the bag with the medication I had just collected scattered everywhere.

“He returned it to the chemist’s although I’ve not been able to get out and collect it yet.“ One man is described as in his late teens, 5ft 3in tall, slim to medium build, with black hair and a royal blue top.

The other is slightly taller than the first, of medium build,.with a grey hooded top.

DCI Richard Jackson said: “Certainly Mrs Campbell has shown an incredible amount of fortitude despite the fact this was a very traumatic incident.

“She has given us a very detailed account of what happened to her.

“We have two independent witnesses and are fortunate that the media has taken a keen interest in the case.”

Anyone with information should phone police on 0161 856 5757 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.