A JEWELLER has put up a £500 reward after thugs attacked a pensioner in Deane.

Jane Campbell, aged 79, was attacked outside her house as she returned home from a chemists on May 14 at about 11.45am.

Police released shocking video footage of the incident last week, which showed Mrs Campbell being thrown to the ground.

She broke a finger, chipped a tooth and was left badly bruised and shaken by the attack in Anglia Grove, Deane.

Now a £500 cash reward has been offered by a local jewellery store to anyone that provides information on the attack which leads to a conviction.

Francis Loughran, aged 47, read about the story in The Bolton News and saw the clip of Mrs Campbell being attacked.

He said: “It is sickening. If this gets people thinking about it, taking a closer look at the video or jogs a few memories, then it’ll be worth it.

“I’m not particularly worried about the money, I just want these people caught. It’s in all of our interests to have safe shopping streets where people are confident walking about.”

Mrs Campbell said: “I think it is extremely nice of this man to do this.

“He even sent me a bunch of flowers. My partner and I dropped off a card the other day to thank him.

"People have been very kind. I even had a lady from Didsbury who I have not seen for years come round and visit me.

“It is nice to know that there are people out there who care.”

Mr Loughran, who owns Discount Jewellery Store in St Helens Road, said he had asked a PCSO patrolling in the area to take Mrs Campbell a bunch of flowers.

Mr Loughran added: “I was absolutely appalled by the video I saw. I just could not stop it going through my mind.

“It could have been anybody and I would have been shocked but for it to happen to an old lady is horrific. These people need taking off the streets.”