AS bargains go — this certainly does not look like a good deal.

The Asda supermarket at Middlebrook was advertising 500g pots of Onken bio yoghurt for £1.40 each — or two for £5.

However, if shoppers bought two of the yoghurt pots at full price and NOT at the offer cost they would pay just £2.80.

The error, which supermarket bosses have admitted was just a human mistake, was spotted by eagle-eyed shopper Arun Mishra.

The recently retired GP, who worked at Pike View Medical Centre in Horwich for 31 years, said: “I spotted it and just thought it was funny.

“Obviously it was just a mistake as no-one could think this was a bargain.”

Asda put the incorrect pricing down to human error and said the “colleagues would be briefed further to ensure it didn’t happen again”.

A spokesman for the chain, which prides itself on being Britain’s cheapest leading supermarket, said: “We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.”