A BOLTON theatre group is bringing its season to a close with a thriller and a comedy.

Ben Latham and James Haslam, regular actors with The Marco Players, will turn their attention to directing the two one act plays — The Monkey’s Paw and A Man of Letters.

Both plays are being staged at Chorley Old Road Methodist Church Community Hall, Bolton, from Wednesday to Saturday, June 28.

Jason Crompton, chairman of the Marco, said “It’s really encouraging to see new directors coming on board.

“It’s a massive challenge to direct and it’s a big ask if you are new to it but I’ve been impressed with both Ben and James and what they’ve produced.”

The Monkey’s Paw is a taught thriller, first published in 1902, in which three wishes granted come with an enormous price for interfering with fate.

A Man of Letters is a comedy with a wry twist at the end, first seen at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round Studio, Scarborough.

The play’s character Frank has erected signs for a commercial letterer for 25 years and, with trainee Alan, he attempts to spell Forshaw's on the roof of the business they work for.

But Frank’s mood soon changes when the right letters do not appear and realisation dawns of what is actually happening.

The directors will also appear in each other’s plays, with Ben playing Alan in Man of Letters and James playing the son in Monkey’s Paw.

Other cast members include Peter Haslam, Mark Weatherall, Fran Shinks, Ian Duckworth and James Abercrombie.

The Monkey’s Paw and A Man of Letters are on at Chorley Old Road Community Hall from Wednesday until Saturday, June 28 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available from 01204 841561/451005 or marcoplayers@aol.com.