A HORWICH street that was likened to “something out of the third world” has been spruced up by local school pupils.

John Halliwell, of Brownlow Road, Horwich, spoke at a meeting of Horwich Town Council last month about the state of the back street behind his house which had become overrun with weeds and piles of soil.

Mr Halliwell, aged 75, challenged Horwich’s town councillors to do something about it.

But after reading about the street in The Bolton News, headteacher Colin Roscoe decided he and pupils from Lever Park Special School could help.

He contacted Horwich and Bolton councillor Kevin McKeon and the two organised for a group of volunteers to go to the site, and spend two days digging out the weeds, grass and soil, and clearing the street.

Mr Roscoe said: “I read the story and just thought it was something we could help with. I am very proud of the job the pupils have done — it looks great.

“They were given the choice of helping with this job or going walking in Silverdale. The fact that these kids chose this option just shows that they want to give back to the community.”

One of the workers, 13-year-old Cole Longshaw, said: “I am proud of what we have done — the residents all came out to say thanks to us.

“One woman said she is now happy for her son to play in the back street because of our work. It was hard work but we are pleased.”

Mr Halliwell said nothing significant had been done to clean the street in the 47 years he has lived there.

He said: “These youngsters have been marvellous. They have filled three trailers with stuff in seriously hot conditions.

“The way they have set about this job and what they have achieved in two days could show the council a thing or two.”

Mr Halliwell has now collected more than £100 from local residents to give to the school as a thank you.

He added: “I am very grateful to the pupils, Mr Roscoe and Cllr McKeon who showed an interest and helped to organise this.”