A DOG owner has been banned from owning pets for life after keeping a dog confined in a crate for long periods of time.

Stuart Midgley was hauled before Bolton Magistrates Court by the RSPCA.

Midgley, aged 32, of Eldercot Grove, Deane, admitted not taking steps that were reasonable to ensure Nipper, a white and brindle Staffordshire bull terrier, had an appropriate environment by confining the dog in a collapsible crate for long time periods.

The incidents happened between January 1 and November 28 last year.

The defendant also did not take steps to ensure the dog was protected from pain, suffering, injury or disease by failing to get veterinary care.

The incident took place on or before November 28 last year.

Bolton magistrates disqualified Midgley from owning, keeping or being involved in keeping animals, or contributing to how animals are transported for life.

Any animal found in his possession will be seized — with the exemption of a cockatiel he owns. A dog owned by the defendant will be removed for him by Monday.

Magistrates ordered Midgley to pay a £310 fine and a £20 victim surcharge.