CALLS have been made for the home secretary to “directly intervene” to help bring a Bolton couple — trapped in India with their new-born twins — back home.

Kiran and Bina Salvi have been in the Anand since March after travelling to pick up their new twins Jai and Leela, born at a special surrogate clinic.

The new parents, who had previously tried to have children for 12 years, have since been trapped in the country, living in a sweltering hotel room, because of chaos at the UK passport office.

The twins, who were born prematurely, weighed just more than 2lbs each and were instantly awarded UK citizenship but are yet to be given passports, which would allow them to leave India and travel to Bolton.

Mr Salvi, aged 44, and Mrs Salvi, aged 38, who both work in Bolton, are growing increasingly concerned ab-out running out of money and how they will make the mortgage payments on the-ir Bolton home.

They could also miss their expensive, and pre-booked, flights home on June 30.

Mr and Mrs Salvi also fear the start of India’s rainy season, which brings with it the threat of malaria for their vulnerable new babies.

During an opposition day debate on the widely publicised backlogs at the UK passport office, Bolton West MP Julie Hilling, who has been campaigning to bring the Salvis home, presented their case to home secretary Theresa May, who had earlier apologised for the delays in processing applications.

Ms Hilling said: “After nearly 12 years of trying for a baby, my constituents took the brave decision of using a specialist surrogacy clinic in India and have been blessed with twin babies.

“They are prisoners in their hotel room, and they are not staying at the Ritz. It is a cheap hotel with basic amenities and terrible air conditioning. They are running out of money and worried about paying bills and losing jobs.

“They are desperate to bring their babies home to start their dream life as a mum and dad and instead they have already wasted three precious months of their babies’ lives, stuck in a hot hotel room.”

“I’m pleading with the home secretary to directly intervene, please help Kiran and Bina bring their babies home.”

Speaking from India, Kiran Salvi, an IT specialist, said he has now received contact from the passport authority.

He added: “They have finally emailed saying they need some more information for the application, which is really frustrating as if we had known we could have given it ages ago.

“We have send it off and will see what happens. This won’t happen overnight and we are pretty resigned to missing our flight. We are tired and frustrated.

“We just want to get our family home.”