A TERRIFIED family were beaten up by an armed raider who broke into their home wearing a clown mask.

Two men — with the second wearing a balaclava — threatened the family and shouted “Give us your money”, but were chased off from the Turton Street home empty-handed.

Anthony Holt, his wife Tina Lawson, his daughter Angela Bell, his grandsons aged 11 and two, and a family friend were in the house at the time.

The raider wearing the clown mask punched Mr Holt in the face and demanded money from him, before attacking Miss Bell, while the second man stood at the doorway and attacked Mrs Lawson.

The men were chased out of the house by Mr Holt, before getting away in a green Renault Megane, driven by a third person.

Mr Holt captured their escape on camera and is offering a £1,000 reward to anyone who can help to identify the men.

Mr Holt, aged 50, said: “I was absolutely terrified. These men were threatening us with knives and I got into a scuffle with one of them, trying to protect my family, and a big fight broke out.

“They beat me up, beat my wife up and beat my daughter up.

"I must have chased them about 500 yards and I will personally offer a reward of £1,000 for anyone who can find out who this car belongs to.

"We need to make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else.”

Miss Bell was taken to hospital with internal bleeding, Mrs Lawson suffered a black eye and Mr Holt required stitches in an injury on his right eye.

The raid happened at about 5pm on Thursday, May 8, but the police advised Mr Holt not to publicise the incident.

The would-be robbers entered the home, just outside the town centre, through an unlocked door.

Nothing was stolen from the property and no arrests have yet been made.

Miss Bell, aged 33, was holding her two-year-old son Riley Johnson when she heard the men break in.

She said: “I heard a noise and I heard this man shouting and swearing, saying ‘give us your money’.

"I thought it was a joke at first, but when I heard the door slam, that’s when I knew something was wrong.

“They hit my dad in the face and I had to give Riley to my friend to help protect my dad. I was so scared — I needed my dad to get up off the floor and help us.

“It was horrible to watch. I thought at one point my life could be over.”

The man wearing the clown mask was about 6ft tall, while the other man was about 5ft 7ins.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said that investigations are ongoing and no one has been arrested.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.