A TASTE of North American folk tradition came to Bolton on Saturday and had shoppers dancing in the street.

To mark the 21st birthday of Bolton-based music group Leap To Your Feet, dozens of Appalachian dance lovers descended to jig the afternoon away.

The form of dance is a cross between Irish jigging and northern clogging and takes its roots from European settlers in North America, who mixed their styles of dance with native American steps and music from African slaves.

Sixty dancers and musicians took part in the festivities, about 15 of which were from Leap To Your Feet.

They brought a riot of colour to Deansgate and The Market Place by strutting their stuff in a variety of dazzling traditional costumes.

Steve Ingham, who joined Leap To Your Feet shortly after it started, said: “It was a brilliant day and we enjoyed a wonderful reception.”

The dancers will next be performing at Harpers Lane Allotment Show in Bolton on August 10.