THIS tiny bride and bridegroom enjoyed a school day of wedded bliss at a pretend marriage ceremony.

Reception children at Sacred Heart RC Primary School in Westhoughton “tied the knot” to celebrate the wedding of two of their teachers this summer.

The school wanted to hold a “practice wedding” before teachers James Callow and Catherine Parkinson tie the knot.

The wedding party was made up of reception class pupils, with Lucy Hawarth picked to be bride for the day and Caleb Mulqueeney chosen to be her groom.

Other members of the class were picked to be bridesmaids and groomsmen at the ceremony held at the nearby Sacred Heart Church in Lord Street.

Local businesses helped the day to run smoothly as Westhoughton-based ‘Blooming Flowers’ provided the flowers and Wigan firm Elegance Cars offered a stunning wedding car for the blushing bride to travel in.

Parents were invited along to the ceremony, which was performed by parish priest and school chaplain, Father Richard Aspden.

Afterwards, everyone was invited back to the school for a reception in class, with wedding cake for all.

Pupils from year five were invited along to perform the wedding speeches for the gathered guests to enjoy.

Reception teacher, Amy McGlade, said: “The kids were really excited and are really happy for the teachers who are getting married.

“Everyone got into the spirit of the day and it was a fantastic event for all of us — we were really grateful to the businesses for providing their services free of charge to help things go smoothly.

“Many of the reception class didn’t know what weddings were before hand and it has been a good way of teaching them about the importance of the event.”