A THIEF who stole a lapdancer’s saucy outfits has been jailed for two years.

Nathan Boardman had been drinking with his cousin in Bolton town centre on June 7 and roamed the streets when his drinking partner went home.

The 21 year old, of no fixed address, was walking along Bow Street at 4am when he saw two women chatting by their cars, Bolton Crown Court heard yesterday (Fri June 27).

The women, Karen Hodgkinson and Gemma Rodgers, were lapdancers who had just finished work at the nearby Diamonds Lap Dancing Club.

Ms Hodgkinson had a purple holdall containing her lap-dancing clothing and £140 cash.

The court heard how Boardman approached the women, shouted and then punched Ms Hodgkinson in the face twice.

He then grabbed Ms Rodgers by the hair and pulled her to the ground before hitting Ms Hodgkinson in the face a third time before he fled with the bag.

The victims called 999 and town centre CCTV operators traced Boardman to a nearby hostel.

Police found the bag in a communal kitchen and Boardman claimed it was a present for his sister.

He admitted one count of robbery and one charge of assault.

The court heard how Boardman had convictions stretching back seven years for offences including robbery, battery and criminal damage.

Nicholas Ross, defending, said: “He has an unenviable record and offers no excuses for these actions.

“The offences were borne of a night of excessive drinking. When asked how drunk he was on a scale of one to 10, he said ‘10’.

“The defendant is extremely embarrassed and ashamed of his actions.”

Judge Elliot Knopf rejected Mr Ross’s request to spare Boardman jail after hearing that Ms Hodgkinson had suffered a swollen cheekbone during the attack and had been left very upset and shocked.

Mrs Rodgers suffered a sore scalp and face.

Judge Knopf told Boardman: “You are no stranger to the criminal justice system.

“This offence is so serious that the only appropriate sentence is a custodial one.”