POLE vaulter Jack Phipps - who has his sights on the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 - visited Little Lever High School to inspire the next generation of athletes.

The 19-year-old who is a student at Loughbrough University, where he is studying for a degree in business management, visited the school through Sports 4 All UK Ltd.

It organises visits by Olympic and professional athletes to inspire children to get involved in sport.

Jack took an assembly for year seven and eight pupils before working with 40 gifted and talented youngsters.

Head of girls’ physical education, Jenna Bannister, said: “The young people were inspired.

“He showed them how to pole vault and afterwards spoke to them in a feedback session about teamwork and co-operation.”

“A couple of our students said they would continue the sport. They would never have thought of taking up this sport if Jack had not visited the school.”

Jack spends his time visiting a number of schools.

He said: “We want to get younger people into sport and understand athletes are able to compete in high level sports but still be involved in education.”