A MUM-OF-TWO is a super slimmer — after quitting her bank job to take over a weight loss club in Lostock.

Di Tierney spent her days as regional sales manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Manchester.

But at night she was piling on the pounds, scoffing takeaways with a glass of wine.

Then, after seeing an unflattering photograph of herself on a business holiday in Barcelona, Mrs Tierney joined a slimming club and dropped two dress sizes to a svelte size 10.

That was 15 years ago and now, after taking voluntary redundancy, will this week launch her new career helping others to lose weight.

Mrs Tierney, aged 43, of Briar Close, Hindley Green, said: “The weight started creeping on as it often does when you get married.

"You go from being single and dancing the night away in a club to staying in with your hubby and eating takeaways and having a glass of wine or two.

“But seeing the size of me on that photo, I was mortified and I knew I had to do something straightaway.

“I joined my local Slimming World group and it changed my eating habits and gave me a healthy outlook for life — so much so that I have managed to keep the weight off.”

After 25 years working in the financial industry, Mrs Tierney knew straightaway what she wanted to do for her new career.

She said: “When I was losing my weight I remember a woman who lost six stone.

“At first you would barely notice her because her confidence was so low and she was so shy, but as the weight fell off not only did she look different, she became a different person.

“It was then that I said to myself that helping people along their journey was something I would like to do.

“As soon as I heard about the voluntary redundancy at work I decided that this was the right time to follow my dream.”

  • Di Tierney takes over the Slimming World class at Lostock Parish Centre from tonight. For more information call 07741 314051.