A SECURITY guard disarmed a drunken man who pulled out a kitchen knife after being repeatedly refused entry to a casino.

Stefan Crompton had been drinking heavily after his aunt’s funeral on May 14, Bolton Crown Court heard.

After going home and then on to a pub where he drank more, he decided to go to the Grosvenor Casino on Ormrod Street, Bolton, at 4am the next morning.

Patrick Williamson told the court how 22-year-old Crompton repeatedly tried to get into the casino, arguing with security guard Yakhoob Brahimshid, but was turned away.

He then he returned once more and a customer reported that he had spotted a knife in the waistband of Crompton’s trousers.

When Mr Brahimshid looked at the casino’s CCTV he saw Crompton holding the knife in front of him as he talked to another customer.

Mr Brahimshid grabbed hold of Crompton’s wrists, forcing him to drop the knife and police arrived to arrest him.

Crompton, an electricity pylon linesman, of Roseneath Road, Daubhill, pleaded guilty to possessing a knife in public.

Nick Ross, defending, said Crompton did not know why he had picked up the knife from his kitchen, but it may have been because he had his jaw broken earlier in the night when he was assaulted as he walked home from the funeral wake.

Mr Ross added: “He had no intention of causing harm.”

Judge Timothy Stead sentenced Crompton to 10 months in prison.

Judge Stead said: “The general public are afraid, and rightly so, of people who are carrying knives in public.”