ROADWORKS are likely to cause disruption in Leigh and Atherton town centres from this week as the main work on the Leigh-Ellenbrook Guided Busway begins.

The start of construction work on the busway in the two town centres today has been hailed as a "huge step forward" – but many residents and opposition councillors have raised their concerns about the scheme.

Work in Leigh will focus on Spinning Jenny Way and will finish in November.

The affected roads in Atherton are Mealhouse Lane, Alma Street, Flapper Fold Lane, St John Street, Bolton Road and Water Street and work will last until October when work will begin in Tyldesley town centre.

Leader of Wigan Council Lord Peter Smith said: “I think it is a huge step forward that the main work on the busway scheme is about to start in Leigh and Atherton town centres.

“The towns have a foot in the future.

“Very soon the busway will be up and running, opening up big opportunities for people and the area.”

The busway will offer a minimum of four buses an hour from Leigh and Atherton to Manchester city centre during the day on Mondays through to Saturdays.

The council is warning the public that there will be some disruption in the areas in the next few months but steps have been taken to keep it to a minimum.