A VETINARY clinic has come to the aid of a college pet which was in pain after an accident.

White Cross Vets, in Walkden, helped Mama, a female goat which was given to Eccles Sixth Form from a zoo last year free of charge.

After the move Mama had a tag in her ear removed, which left a hole that tore when she caught it on a wire fence.

The vets provided the college’s Animal & Wildlife Centre with a surgical glue to stick the damaged ear back together, and now Mama is making a full recovery.

The clinic got involved after launching an initiative to help pets owned by schools and colleges in the local community.

Lorna Siddons, clinic director at the White Cross, said: “We were thrilled to be able to help Mama.

“The college is lucky to have such a fantastic centre which is a real benefit to students studying animal care, who are able to spend time with the animals on a daily basis.”

Chris Lusby, who cares for the animals at the centre, added: “We are extremely grateful for their kind donation and it’s great to see Mama returning to her normal, happy self.”