A UNIVERSITY of Bolton photography lecturer has found himself in the frame.

Dr Terry Speake has been made a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.

He received the distinction for his PhD research work images, which explored the way disabled people are represented in photography.

Dr Speake said: “How often do you see images of disabled people represented as ordinary members of society rather than the ‘other’?

“By focusing on their impairments, disabled people may be defined by the negative signs of their disability rather than as empowered individuals.

“Their experiences of being photographed aren’t always positive either.

“It seemed clear there was a gap in our knowledge of how to make photography as inclusive as it can be.”

Dr Speake’s doctorate work included a major commission from the Office for Disability Issues.

Working with more than 60 disabled people, support groups and advocates, his practice-based research has led him to explore social documentary projects, including photo stories of the everyday and an exhibition with young people from Bolton Lads and Girls Club.

The Royal Photographic Society’s distinctions are internationally respected and sought after by professional and amateur photographers.

Submissions are assessed by a qualified panel of senior members of the society.