SISTERLY love is in the air at the Wellbeing Farm.

Female pigs Juliet and Pippin, born in the same litter from the original micropig that the Edgworth farm adopted in June last year, have each given birth to their own litters — at the same time.

Farmer Jimmy Brindle and farm manager Celia Gaze were shocked to find 13 extra little ones when they went to feed the mothers-to-be on Monday morning.

But they were even more shocked that the mother pigs, mixtures of Gloucester Old Spot and Kunekune, have slept side by side with their litters snuggling up close to them ever since.

Usually mother pigs are separated from others once their litters are born, but there is no separating these sisters swines, which have been protectively looking after the piglets like one big family.

The newborns, which have yet to be named — have been thriving with the double dose of love and affection.

Ms Gaze said: “What is special about these piglets is that they were all born at the exact same time to two different mothers. We don’t even know which was born to which mother — and I don’t think they do either.

“The piglets all take it in turn to feed off each pig and they all sleep side by side, which is rare for mothers who have just had a litter as they are usually very protective.

“The piglets feed alternately on each mum, which is nice because one of them isn’t constantly feeding all the time so they get a break.

“I have no idea who belongs to who, but it’s amazing to see them sharing the mothering together and not minding who feeds where. They’re so affectionate, it’s fantastic to see.”