A MOTORCYCLIST has died after he lost control of his bike and crashed into a tree.

Local residents desperately tried to save him but the 42-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.

He had suffered severe head and neck injuries One neighbour who tried to save the motorcyclist said he was with him when he “took his last breath”.

The victim, who it is understood lives nearby, hit the tree as he rode his blue Suzuki motorbike in Frederick Street, Farnworth, at about 3.30pm today.

It is not thought there were any other vehicles involved but police have opened an investigation to establish the full facts.

Andy Brownley, who lives in nearby in Westwood Close, was decorating his daughter’s bedroom when he saw the bike hit the tree.

Mr Brownley, who works at Farnworth Care Home and administers first aid as part of his day-to-day duties, rushed outside to help.

He said: “We knew his family years ago, they only live nearby.

“His brother was in hysterics, screaming ‘save him’ at the paramedics.

“We were all looking for a pulse but there was none. We tried our absolute best.

“It is horrible. We tried helping him but we could not. It feels like we have failed. His brother was shouting, ‘please save him’, but we couldn’t do it.”

He added: “It must be heart-breaking for the family. My condolences go out to them.”

Police are investigating and appealing for witnesses.

Sgt Brian Orr said: “Our thoughts are with his family, who are understandably devastated by the tragic news.

"We have officers supporting them as best we can at this difficult time and are carrying out a thorough investigation to establish the full facts.”

Any witnesses or people with information can call police on 0161 8564745.