DAWN McGuffie has earned herself the title of super gran after a surprise delivery.

For the grandmother-of-seven managed to safely deliver her daughter’s baby when the 26-year-old went into labour at home.

Mrs McGuffie, aged 50, was eating her tea at home in Deane when she got a phone call from Lisa who said she was in labour.

The drama unfolded at about 6.30pm last Tuesday and, by 6.50pm, baby Elise had made her appearance at Louisa Street, Halliwell.

Mrs McGuffie, a mother-of-three, said: “I was a bit shocked because I was not expecting to deliver a child. I’ve never done that before.

“It went really quickly. I was thinking, come on ambulance. I delivered her before they came. It still feels like a dream.

“She is cute, she is the double of her sister.”

Both women have nothing but praise for the 999 call handler who gave advice down the telephone and helped deliver Elise, who weighed 6lbs 6ozs.

Mrs McGuffie said: “The 999 woman was brilliant. She was out of this world. If she had not been on the other end of the phone, I think I would’ve panicked. She kept me calm.”

The ambulance came within 15 minutes but Miss McGuffie had already given birth, with no pain relief.

She had gone to the Royal Bolton Hospital at 8am on Tuesday but was sent home because her contractions were not close enough together.

Miss McGuffie had previously been told she was not allowed to have a home birth, due to complications, but little Elise had other ideas.

The mother-of-two, whose daughter Leah was born at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary Hospital in Wigan, said: “I came back home. It wasn’t long after, I was saying ‘I have to push’.

“As soon as mum turned up, I was ready for labour.

“I had no pain relief with Leah but it was different.

“I was at the hospital and I had people there who knew what they were doing.

“With this one, it was just me and mum upstairs.

“I was scared, I was petrified.

“I was in the bathroom but I managed to get on to my bed.

“She had to ring 999. The woman on the phone went through it with her. She was perfect.

“I think my mum was pretty good. It was a new experience for her.

“I would like to say thank you for bringing her granddaughter into the world.”