A HOLIDAYMAKER was left with horrendous injuries after one of the world’s tallest vertical water slides went wrong.

Dad-of-two Jamie Norman believes he could have died and now may be scarred for life after riding the 60mph VertiGo slide at Aqualandia in Benidorm, Spain.

The 27-year-old rode the 33-metre-high and 100-metre-long slide three times during his holiday last month.

Adrenaline junkies enter a capsule at the slide summit before a trap door opens and they free-fall into the water — but on Mr Norman’s third go, the trap door did not open properly.

He plummeted on to the slide through the small gap at the bottom of the capsule, suffering a huge bang to his head and excruciating wounds to his legs and arms.

After reaching the bottom of the slide, dazed and bleeding, Mr Norman, of Thorpe Avenue, Radcliffe, was ushered into a first-aid room and claims the ride was up and running 15 minutes later.

He said: “It could have killed me if I had hit my head harder — there are so many ways it could have gone differently.

“There is something wrong with the slide. For all I know the same thing could happen to someone else next week — but this time someone could die.

“I was on holiday for five more days after the accident and it ruined the rest of the trip for everyone.”

Mr Norman’s leg, which was left with the skin hanging off, is still causing him pain and he is worried it could be more seriously damaged.

He is also concerned about permanent facial scars.

He said he used to be a “thrill-seeker” but will now stay away from all adrenaline-fuelled pursuits.

Mr Norman, an electrician, is now suing the insurance company which covers Aqualandia.

He said: “After it happened I was taken to an on-site medical room but no ambulance was called. I was just stitched up by the doctor there and ushered out of the park.

“They offered me some free tickets for the sea life centre next door, but obviously I didn’t take them and I can’t believe they offered them considering the state I was in.

“Staff didn’t even properly shut the ride — it was closed for about 15 minutes but when we left the park I saw it was back in action.”

Earlier this month an 18-year-old from Iceland died after falling from a rollercoaster at the Terra Mitica theme park in Benidorm, which is owned by the same company which runs Aqualandia. Police there believe his harness did not lock correctly.

The owners of Aqualandia were unavailable for comment.