THE music of R.E.M. left such an impression on one fan, he now tours the country playing the band’s music live.

STIPE, with frontman Richard Southern, will appear in Bromley Cross next month, playing the American rock band’s back catalogue — from the addictive highs of Shiny Happy People to the reflecting darkness of Everybody Hurts.

STIPE, named after R.E.M. lead singer Michael Stipe, will play the Railway Venue, Chapeltown Road, on Saturday, August 16.

Richard said: "The music of R.E.M. left such an impression on myself that it will always be a part of my life.

“It lives deep down inside and has brought much happiness.

“For as long as I am able, I will keep singing those songs and performing as Michael Stipe."

R.E.M. was formed in Athens, Georgia, in 1980 by singer Michael, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berry, one of the first popular alternative rock bands.

The group signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1988 and began to espouse political and environmental concerns while playing large arenas worldwide.

After 31 years and 15 albums, they decided to call it a day in 2011 prompting Richard to launch the tribute band in which he says he has adopted Michael Stipe's stage presence, charisma and voice and made it his own.

Also in STIPE are Martyn Smith on drums, John McGlough on guitar and Steve Bell, also on guitar.
STIPE, described by Michael Stipe himself as ‘awesome’, are on tour during the summer and into the winter, across the country and in Italy.

Tickets for STIPE at the Railway Venue, Chapeltown Road, Bromley Cross, cost £8 on the door.