SHARPLES band Lime Chase have been asked to play at the opening of the Transplant Games ceremony on Thursday.

The four-piece featured in The Bolton News after 15-year-old drummer Milo Saunders, who was born deaf, revealed he kept in time by using a metronome app on his iPod turned up loud.

Since appearing on the newspaper, the band, including Milo’s brother Elliot, aged 18, and their friends Seb Meadows and Nat Yates-Hart, both aged 18, have had offers flooding in for them to perform at various events.

Milo, who uses hearing aids in both ears, and the lads started the indie-rock band a year ago, and have been gigging at a number of fundraising events, including one for Bolton’s Ear 4 Kidz — a charity which has helped Milo in the past.

But the young musicians are especially excited to be playing at the games, where transplant athletes will compete in 18 sports ranging from curling to cycling, table tennis and ten pin bowling at a variety of venues in and around Bolton.

Elliot, of Bramley Road, Bromley Cross, said: “When we got the call the council about playing at the Transplant Games, we were all honoured to be asked.

“The event is really important for those who have gone through an organ transplant to showcase their sporting abilities.

“Since we were in The Bolton News we have so much interest from people which has been great.

“Milo especially has been like a local celebrity — and people have been really positive about our music, which we are really pleased about.

“They have said we will play a short set at the opening ceremony, which is amazing. We will probably play a mixture of covers and our own material. So there will be something for everyone.”

The 2014 games will be opened in Bolton’s Victoria Square from 6.30pm on Thursday.