A FATHER has warned taxi drivers to check their vehicles after a toddler found a packet suspected to be drugs.

James Clayton was travelling to his mum’s home in Breightmet in a Metro Cars private hire vehicle when his two-year-old daughter Hollie picked up a small snap bag containing white powder from the middle seat.

The Bolton News:

Mr Clayton, a ground worker from Farnworth, told the driver and later phoned the Tonge Moor Road firm to explain what happened.

He said the company said it advised drivers to check their seats between picking up passengers.

Mr Clayton, aged 27, said: “I just want people to be aware of what could be in the cars. If my daughter had put that in her mouth she would have chewed it and her teeth would have gone straight through the packet.

“I had just put my little girl on the seat and she picked the packet up. I snatched it out of her hand.”

He also called police following the incident on Saturday, and they are due to collect the packet from Mr Clayton.

A police spokesman confirmed an incident had been reported on Saturday at about 3.20pm.

The spokesman said: “An appointment has been made to go and see the caller.”

Nick Astley, from Metro Cars, said: “It’s protocol for drivers of all companies to check after people have left the vehicles but with something so small can be impossible to find.

“I am sorry that the little girl found it. It is very upsetting. We can only learn from it. We ask customers to be vigilant as well.

“It could have been found anywhere but around young children we especially need to have our eyes and ears open.

"It is important people involved in drugs are dealt with appropriately and they get the highest possible sentence.”