MEET the Scrappers... that’s Terry and Lyndsay Walker who are set to become stars of their own reality TV show.

The couple, who run Metro Salvage, were followed around by BBC cameras, and their highs and lows will be aired as part of a six-part, fly-on-the-wall documentary.

The cameras follow the larger-than-life couple, exploring the lives of their staff, depicting the everyday “soap opera” of the scrapyard business.

Mrs Walker said: “It’s a documentary, but it’s not serious.

“We have posted funny videos on YouTube before, and that’s where it started from.”

The BBC describes the show as “an uplifting story of second chances and loyalty”.

A spokesman said: “The show follows straight-talking Terry and glamorous Lyndsay as they run their multi-million-pound scrap empire, fall out with each other and struggle to keep their conventionally unemployable employees on the straight and narrow.”

Mrs Walker added: “They started to pick up on little storylines, like I was annoyed at Terry spending too much at a car auction, and things like that.

“Then we went to Tenerife on holiday and they filmed that, and followed us there. All the lads have really got into it.

"It is a bit different, a bit of fun."

Mr Walker, aged 49, who is a major part of the show, launched his business, in Waterloo Street, four years after leaving school.

Mrs Walker said: “I have seen it and I’m not sure how I feel really. I said to Terry that it is positive for us, but I am a bit nervous.

"You do sometimes think ‘Oh my god, what have I just done, I sound awful’, but it’s not too bad.”

The show’s production team, from Liberty Bell, said: “Metro Salvage stood out for its incredibly rich mix of characters and stories.

"We never imagined there would be so many great characters in one place. It also quickly became apparent that Terry and Lyndsay had what it takes to be the stars of their own series — straight talking, but always funny and warm.”

The six-part Meet the Scrappers starts tomorrow on BBC1 at 8.30pm, with the second episode on Friday at the same time. The show will run every Friday until September 5.