A BOLTON man photographed at the North West Infidels anti-mosque protesters’ march says he is appalled to have been associated with the far right.

Sean Gaskell was pictured at the protest in Blackburn Road on Saturday, along with demonstrators carrying a St George’s flag with "NWI 1 - UAF 0" and "White Aryan Resistance" written on it.

The 55-year-old, from Heaton, says he attended the protest out of worries about the traffic implications, should the Taiyabah Islamic Centre be given the go-ahead to extend its premises.

 The protest was met by a counter-demonstration organised by the Bolton Trades Union Council and Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Grandfather Mr Gaskell said: “My reasons for going along were because I wanted to listen to the speeches.

“I drive a wagon up and down Blackburn Road.

“I’m worried about the effect traffic going to and from the mosque is going to have on the road.

“I’m absolutely gutted that I’ve been tarnished with the National Front or the EDL.

“I’ve got a lot of Muslim friends and Asian friends – I go to India every year for my holiday.

“People are entitled to what they believe, and I believe in freedom of speech, but the only group I’m a member of is a golf club.

“I’m not a racist.”