A YOB has been given an ASBO for his foul-mouthed tirades against women.

Darren Davis, aged 22, of Rogerstead, Deane, went into Morrison’s petrol station in Blackhorse Street, Bolton, and launched into a vile rant with a torrent of bizarre and explicit sexual references aimed at staff.

Victims Jade Mills and Susannah Smith were left shocked and upset by the abuse, which took place on March 23 at 9.50pm.

Davis fled the petrol station before police arrived, Bolton magistrates heard.

Davis struck again on May 6 when he abused Helen Derbyshire and Nicola Knott at the Octagon Car Park, off Coronation Street, after he left Elizabeth House in Back Spring Gardens.

Davis admitted two counts of causing his victims alarm or distress by using threatening or abusive words.

He also admitted failing to surrender to police on July 15.

Penny Mather, chairman of the bench, sentencing, said: “You can't go around with such a filthy mouth. You will pay money to the victims because of your language.

“It was totally inappropriate behaviour. You must accept that if you say horrible things it’s just not appropriate. You are a grown man and you know what’s right and wrong.”

Davis was sentenced to a two-year ASBO, banning him from going to Elizabeth House, Morrison’s in Blackhorse Street, the Octagon Car Park, the Market Place Shopping Centre and Market Street.

He was ordered to comply with an 18-month supervision requirement and ordered to pay each of his three victims £200.