BOLTON Wanderers fans are being warned to behave on trains when travelling to and from the Macron Stadium.

British Transport Police (BTP) will crackdown on bad behaviour on the railways on matchdays, including those travelling to the Whites’ ground via Horwich Parkway.

Officers say more football fans than ever before are now using trains to get to matches — but that they are doing everything possible to keep people safe.

Asst Chf Cons Stephen Thomas, who oversees all BTP’s football-related activities, said: “Football remains a significant challenge for us, simply because of the sheer numbers of people travelling in relatively similar time periods.”

“We are, however, well used to dealing with large numbers of passengers and, thanks to many years experience, have tried and tested plans to ensure all passengers can get to their destination — and home again — as safely as possible.”

Police will be specifically targeting racist and anti-social behaviour as fans travel to football grounds.

Asst Chf Cons Thomas said: “The vast majority of travelling fans cause no problems at all. Sadly, however, some supporters do go too far, overstepping the mark by becoming offensive and even violent.

“This season, we are making renewed efforts working with the rail industry to identify the small number of disorderly and racist individuals who give clubs and football generally a bad name.

“If they are very drunk, they will find themselves refused travel; if they are disorderly, they will be removed from trains; if they are anti-social and commit crime, they will be arrested and we will seek banning orders against them.”

Officers will be working closely with football clubs and rail bosses to ensure that there is as little trouble as possible.

Police can also apply for banning orders for fans who cause trouble.

Asst Chf Cons Thomas said: “If these orders are granted, the fan may miss not only a game or two, but possibly all games for a minimum of three years and, if subject of a custodial sentence, up to 10 years.

“The season ahead promises to be an exciting one on the field. By working together, BTP, football fans, the clubs and the rail companies can make sure rail travel in 2014/15 is in a league of its own.”