A TONGE Moor artist has marked the centenary of the outbreak of World War One with what is thought to be one of the smallest creations to honour the soldiers who lost their fives in the conflict.

Hedley Wiggan’s micro-sculpture of a solider is a tribute to the Tommies in the trenches and is smaller than the 48-year-old’s thumbnail.

The tiny artwork was crafted into an HB pencil over two weeks of solid concentration.

Mr Wiggan, from Tonge Moor, said: “I had been thinking about doing a micro-sculpture for the anniversary of start of World War One for a while.

“I decided to put a love letter in his hands instead of a rifle as I’m sure they received and sent them to the loved ones they left behind, not knowing when they would get back.

“I found the soldier’s legs to be the tricky bit as you have to go through the graphite to do both legs. The rifle on the soldier’s back was also a bit tricky.”

He said the artwork involved some research as there is a difference in shape between the helmets British soldiers and American soldiers wore.

He also created a satchel on the micro-sculpture, which troops often wore in which to carry their provisions.

Despite Mr Wiggan’s efforts he will not be displaying the tiny creation as he fears people will use the pencil accidentally if he leaves it around his house.

The father-of-one’s tribute to World War One differs from his previous work which includes a creation of One Direction’s Harry Styles, William Shakespeare and Jimi Hendrix.