A FLY-tipper will have to foot a bill of more than £1,000 after dumping waste in Horwich.

Andrew Liderth left up to 10 bags of rubbish at the back of Essex Street in Horwich, a court heard.

The rubbish was found on April 10 last year after a resident reported concerns.

The defendant, aged 39, failed to pay a fixed penalty notice and was summoned to Bolton Magistrates Court.

Liderth, of Old Lords Crescent, Horwich, then failed to attend the hearing and was found guilty in his absence.

He was initially fined £175 and ordered to pay £400 court costs. But the case was reopened as Liderth said he had not received the court summons.

Liderth again failed to attend court on Friday.

Bolton magistrates found him guilty in his absence and ordered him to pay an increased fine of £400 and £700 court costs.

Cllr Nick Peel, executive member for the environment, said: “Fly-tipping which is carried out by the minority of people affects all of us because we have to pay to remove it from our streets — so when people drop stuff like this the cost is borne from residents of Bolton.

“We are getting tougher on this. I think the court’s sentence is quite apt for 10 bags of waste in a back streets.

“I think it needs to send the message out to people that if they do fly-tip we will find you, you will be caught and will be fined. There is never any excuse for fly-tipping.”