A FRIEND of tragic cancer sufferer Lesley Bostock has raised nearly £4,000 in her memory by shaving her hair.

Sherrie Light, who lived on the same street as Ms Bostock for 10 years, had her head shaved in aid of Cancer Research UK at the Motorcise Healthy Living Centre in Victoria Square.

Mother-of-two Ms Bostock lost her five-year battle with cancer on Monday, August 4, aged 43.

Ms Light, aged 42, had originally aimed to raise £2,000, but estimates she will raise more than £3,700.

She had her head shaved in front of about 100 people.

Ms Light said: “I was overwhelmed by the turnout. People were very kind — everyone comes together in situations like this.

“Lesley knew I was going to do this and she was very happy about it.

“I’m sure if she’d have been there when I shaved my hair she’d have been delighted.”

Ms Bostock was known for her defiance against the disease but lost her five-year battle earlier this month.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and believed her treatment had gone well until she fell ill again in May 2011.

After seven months of tests, Ms Bostock was diagnosed with cancer in her bones, lungs and sho-ulder.

Ms Bostock knew the cancer was terminal but continued with rounds of treatment almost right up until her death.

In May 2013, she was chosen to be a model for the world-famous photographer Rankin and star-red in a BBC documentary about a Liverpool exhibition called ALIVE: In The Face of Death.

It featured more than 80 images, focusing on people who are facing life-limiting illnesses.

The photographer, whose full name is John Rankin, but who is known only by his last name, said he found her “incredible personality and sense of humour” inspiring and the pair struck up an immediate rapport.

Her portraits went on to be displayed at the St John’s Hospice in Lancaster, which Ms Bostock officially opened in May.

She was admitted to Bolton Hospice a week before she died.

Donations can be made at justgiving.co.uk/sherriesbraveshave.