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Live: Full meeting of Bolton Council - August 27, 2014

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The Bolton News: Photograph of the Author

Elaine O'Flynn, politics reporter

    On the agenda tonight:
  • Calls to name a Royal Navy warship HMS Dido, to preserve the town’s historic association with the ships.
  • A bid to reduce the number of nuisance calls made to Bolton residents.
  • Discussions about a 20mph speed limit in residential roads across Bolton.


robbieh 7:02pm Wed 27 Aug 14

What is Bolton's association with the ships? Been here 34 years, yet to find a dock.

Score: -3
robbieh 6:59pm Wed 27 Aug 14

If he was suspended should he be there...?

Score: 1
FreedomOfSpeech1945 7:37pm Wed 27 Aug 14

The corruption of the Labour Council should be number 1 on the agenda!!!!!!

Score: 17
[deleted] 7:47pm Wed 27 Aug 14
Score: 2
[deleted] 7:48pm Wed 27 Aug 14
Score: 1
Reality50 9:22pm Wed 27 Aug 14

What a spineless bunch the Tory opposition are. Why aren't they demanding the Labour Party name their non payer of council tax? The Tories have a whole host of ammunition on a variety of issue to seriously damage the arrogant Labour Party in this town but they choose to stay silent. Pathetic.

Score: 8
artistpaint 9:41pm Wed 27 Aug 14

Remember this ...the council work for you ...you pay there wages...

Score: 4
artistpaint 9:43pm Wed 27 Aug 14

Local councils need a total overhaul.and be subject to a peoples inquiry...to many decisions being made without our consent..

Score: 4
Hollieanne 10:00pm Wed 27 Aug 14

Perhaps Cllr Wild would like to deal with the Royal Bolton Hospital and their constant harassment via phone to anyone who has an appointment with them. Despite having asked twice, verbally, to be removed from this 'service' and having written to them and received a letter back from PALS assuring me that this would not happen again I was bombarded with said automated calls all over the Bank Holiday weekend. This happens for every appointment so, for instance, if a little old lady has a podiatry appointment, a diabetic clinic appointment and an eye clinic appointment then they are pestered with calls from each of these departments. Perhaps the RBH could 'save' some money by scrapping this system and go back to the usual method of people ringing to cancel, reschedule appointments etc. if they are not going to go. Each of these calls to me was to my mobile phone and caused problems and upset as I did not know why the RBH would be ringing me in the late evening!! There is no guarantee that using this system makes more people attend these appointments.

Score: -3
JustBecause 11:16pm Wed 27 Aug 14

What a total waste of time, clearly these idiots have nothing better to debate or fix.

Utter madness.

Score: 7
thedom.com 6:18am Thu 28 Aug 14

Waste of space ,like bn

Score: 1
Wolfie190 9:13am Thu 28 Aug 14

All our towns vandals in one place hey.

Score: 3

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